BIT wins "Engineering Achievement of the Year" award

Press release from the Norwegian specialist trade magazine Teknisk Ukeblad: Breivoll Inspection Technologies wins "Engineering Achievement of the Year" award.

Teknisk Ukeblad's readers have voted and named BIT, with their inspection system for water pipes, as the winner of the award "Engineering Achievement of the Year 2007". BIT has developed an inspection solution that can estimate the metal wall thickness of water pipes.

Around 50% of the water is lost on the way from the municipal water works to the consumer. Maintaining an overview of exactly where measures should be taken to prevent water leaks is both challenging and costly.

BIT solution makes it possible to make a assessment of the condition of the water network, without having to excavate or uncover pipes. Maintenance work can thus be carried out much more effectively.

The measuring technique is based on acoustic technology. The method has been developed and patented by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and is known as ART (Acoustic Resonance Technology). This enables to calculate the thickness of pipe walls around the whole circumference of the pipe.

The company sees the greatest potential in the international market.

- We have received many enquiries regarding our Pipescanner, both from European countries and farther afield, says Vangdal.
Teknisk Ukeblad: Tore Stensvold: Tel.: +47 908 50 703
Breivoll Inspection Technologies:
Managing Director Arne Christian Vangdal: + 47 975 828 39
Technical Manager: Hans Eilif Larsen +47 906 66 772
Established: 1998
Owners: shareholders (mainly local)
Chairman of the Board of Directors: Kjell Arne Ingebrigtsen
Number of employees: 8
BIT leading-edge product "Pipescanner" is a groundbreaking innovation with unique and patented measuring technology.

Arne Christian Vangdal, Managing Director of BIT, is extremely pleased that so many of Teknisk Ukeblad's readers voted for the company. - It gives great satisfaction to receive an award like this, after putting in such huge efforts for such a long time, says Vangdal.

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