Existing tools to assess the actual status of extensive water distribution networks are limited. Too often, utilities are limited to using statistics, pipe sampling and modelling to predict breakages. Modelling often leads to premature replacement of water pipes that would otherwise provide a significant remaining service lifetime. Likewise, the heterogeneity of individual pipes makes pipe sampling highly inefficient, and frequently causes weak pipes to go undetected. This approach is costly, ineffective and unsustainable.

BIT provides data on the condition of every single pipe:


Based on inspection data and main information about the pipeline (year of construction, nominal wall thickness, steel grade etc.) speed of corrosion is calculated, and residual lifetime of the pipeline is determined taking into consideration regulatory documents. According to data received, actions for future safe operation of pipeline sections inspected can be developed.


The report from the inspection includes:

BIT AS is at present the only company in the world that can deliver all these data without pre-cleaning the pipe and in a single scan operation.

The use of the BIT Report: