Why use BIT?

If you are the owner of potable water distribution assets or district heating pipes

  • own a large number of metallic pipes 
  • want to manage your assets effectively
  • have limited resources for the replacement of pipes 
  • have large heat losses or a high percentage of leakage
  • do not have sufficient knowledge of the condition of the network, which may lead to accidents (health and safety), negative PR and higher costs for "fire-fighting" 
  • need complete and reliable information on the condition of the network in order to promptly reduce risk and increase sustainability
  • need to minimize shut down times; a full scan takes no more than 3 hours for up to 800 meters.

BIT – is your best solution!

  • BIT gives savings on rehabilitation costs of 65% or more
  • BIT delivers complete and reliable information on the condition of the network
  • BIT prioritises pipes according to urgency and type of repair
  • BIT provides recommendations on cost-effective and risk reducing actions

The Main Advantages of the Technology

  1. Accurate data. BIT technology, with its 360 degree continuous inspection, supports information gathering of the remaining thickness around the pipe wall.
  2. Detection of internal and EXTERNAL corrosion.
  3. High speed - 300 m/h.
  4. Scanning capacity up to 1500 m from one entry point.
  5. Scans pipelines with moderate internal rust nodules without any prior cleaning.
  6. There is no necessity for water to be purged from the pipe during or before an ordinary inspection.

The overall saving (direct costs) from inspecting the pipes and carrying out the appropriate actions, as opposed to replacing all pipes, has been calculated by one client as 64%, with inspection costs representing 9% of the total rehabilitation costs. When factoring in indirect costs such as damage to property when a pipe bursts, the savings are even greater.

Enjoy this video presentation of BIT Technology.