The Russian partner of BIT has inspected more than 25 000 meters of district heating pipes since the beginning of 2016

Breivoll Inspection Technologies has achieved a new all-time record in the number of metres inspected in a year and also in terms of the number of metres inspected in district heating pipes and for one client. In the last 6 months, 25,760 metres of district heating pipes have been inspected for the world’s largest district heating company, MOEK (Moscow District Heating Company), in association with Breivoll’s Russian partner. This is also not yet all. Another 5,000 metres are scheduled to be inspected before year end.

This is the third year of joint work with MOEK in the area of in-pipe condition assessment using Breivoll’s proprietary Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART). MOEK is relying on Breivoll for accurate and detailed data on its high pressure pipeline network, in order to optimise its renovation programme, thereby saving millions of roubles in unneeded pipeline replacement costs. 

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The Russian partner of BIT

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